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About This Zine

This zine is for people and communities looking for support in navigating issues related to sexual violence and abuse. It can be used individually as an educational tool, or read with a group who is responding to an event of sexual harm or abuse.

Some topics include…

  • Making the case for community responses to sexual harm as an act of police and state resistance
  • Overview of skills related to disrupting and preventing interpersonal violence
  • How to support people who have experienced violence
  • What to do if you, or someone close to you, has been called out
  • Navigating experiences with police after sexual violence
  • Resources for vetting therapists and accessing ongoing mental health support

An Ordinary Riot makes attempts to be accessible to people of all skill and knowledge, but it’s probably not for everyone. Just take whatever feels useful.

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Download free readable and printable copies of the zine below.

An Ordinary Riot - Ebook and Tablets [Free PDF]

An Ordinary Riot - PDF Booklet For Printing [Free PDF]

An Ordinary Riot - Adobe Publisher File [Adobe Publisher]

Contact Us

A rotary style phone with the word Hell on the display If you want to request printed versions, bulk copies of the zine for distribution, or have questions or comments you can email us:

Printed versions cost about $20 each for printing costs and shipping on our end. If you’re interested in a hard copy, you can email us for payment info and if you want to print your own version you can use one of the free files above.